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Shryp Irtence Rypson

Shryp is one of the main protagonists in the "Ryon Rising" series.  He's an 18 year old dog with black fur, a white stomach, and green eyes.  He has a spiky hairstyle that's relaxed yet elevated.  He wears a white T-Shirt, a pair of cargo shorts, and white shoes that have green trim on them.  He is somewhat tall, taller than Ryon, and has a more muscular build as well, which he attributes to the martial arts training he received as a pup.  He has completed regular grade schooling and lives by himself.  If he's not on a date with a girl, he's usually hanging around with his best friend, Ryon Bahamouse.

Shryp grew up in a rich family and does his best to stand out from the rest.  He's energetic and loves to play around and joke a lot.  His parents try to control his actions at times, but Shryp will often act up to purposely irk them.  He dislikes following certain types of order and will usually try to bend the rules in his favor.  He loves to have fun and see the sights, experiencing all that the world has to offer him.  He can be a little boastful at times, and might sometimes use his own background to gain favor with others.  He'll also use that same background just to cause trouble, even if that trouble may lead to a fight.

He has no problem voicing his thoughts, and will usually go against the grain if things don't suit him a certain way.  He's definitely extroverted, but has no problem taking in the peace and quiet that comes with simplicity and "safe living."  If he had a choice, however, he'd much rather go to a party and try to pick up someone that suits his fancy.  The only exception to this is with his best friend, Ryon.  Complimenting his nature, Ryon seems to balance Shryp out in a way that Shryp likes.  He uses this balance to calm himself sometimes, as being too rowdy and rebellious does get a little strenuous on him from time to time.  Sometimes, however, Shryp will try to give Ryon a taste of his own lifestyle, be it talking about his romps or trying to get Ryon to party with him.  He is very loyal as a friend, however, and dislikes it when anyone tries to mess with those he cares about.

He likes parties, video games, girls, going against the grain, and speaking his mind.

He dislikes certain levels of order, the way his parents try to control him, and those who mess with his friends in a bad way.

Shryp was born into a rich family, the third of five children.  His parents, Ranald and Tracy Rypson, are purebred Blue Lacy dogs whose pedigree has helped them to maintain a high level of class in society.  They are great in wealth due to their family's history and savings.  Having given birth to five pups over time, three boys and two girls, Shryp stood out the most due to his darker color and design.  In spite of this, they did their best to raise their children with an air of nobility and in giving them whatever desires they wanted.  They also made certain to enroll them in private tutelage so that they would be able to do most of their studies at home.

Shryp never had much of a problem with his siblings growing up, and was a quick learner at a lot of the things his parents sent his way.  He was even allowed to train in the martial arts as a means to satisfy his fighting desires after he witnessed certain fighting shows on television.  He became very prominent in fighting, even taking up the Bo Staff as a weapon due to an inner desire for liking sticks.

As time went on, however, Shryp started to grow bored of the constant cycle of monotony that he and his siblings had to endure.  He was the only one to openly complain, however, and his parents thought of it as nothing more of a phase he was going through.  To help satisfy his desire for change, they allowed him a chance to go to public school.  It was then that he met Ryon and, as the two slowly became friends, started to see value in different ways of living.  Shryp always enjoyed visiting Ryon and his parents, while he often felt that his own family and life were a bit too boring.

As he grew older, he grew more and more listless with the lifestyle that his family had.  It wasn't until talks of breeding came up with his family that things came to a head.  He didn't like the idea of selective breeding or marriage, as it felt as though he would have no choice in the matter of how he lived his life.  He was also upset at the potential idea of "keeping it in the family" in the terms of breeding (though, he didn't fully understand that meaning until a few years later).  It was only by the aid of Ryon and spending time with his family that he was able to vent his frustrations openly.

After hearing of his parent's desires for their children, Shryp began to act out and rebel.  He did so not only to upset the order that his parents were trying to put on him, but also because it was exciting and gave off more of a thrill than what he usually had to endure.  He even began speaking his mind more and going out to have fun whenever and wherever he could.  He also began to mess around with various girls of many types, if only for the sole purpose of further upsetting the purebred mindset that his parents had (he did learn the joys of women, however, thus furthering his desires to continue his lifestyle).

All the while, Shryp's parents felt that every bit of his acting out would eventually be quelled as he got older.  As an extra incentive to letting Shryp "vent his teenage desires," they willingly allowed Shryp to continue his lifestyle and even allowed him to finish public schooling.  The moment the chance came, shortly after finishing school, Shryp felt that it was time to move out on his own.  All the while, his parents remained supportive of his decisions and his moving out, all with the hopeful ideal of Shryp finally "settling down" as he got older and finally following suit with their way of life.  Shryp still enjoys parties, girls, and still has no problem with his siblings, but does feel that his parent's way of life just isn't the way to go for his own desires.
I've decided to make a more in-depth character sheet for one of my original characters.

In this one, you get to learn more about Shryp.

I do hope that this is informative for you all. Do let me know if there's anything more about the character that you would like to know.

Enjoy, and thank you for reading.
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Yitzin Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
First I read Ryon's description, then Shryp's. Sorry if I didn't identify anything to relate myself to him for whom he is, because I'm definitely not an outgoing person who can easily voice his thoughts without caring if they'll generate serious conflict.

I usually have a hard time treating some people like him, especially those who don't take seriously what might be important to others and who joke about everything. Also, I see that Shryp doesn't seem to expect that each of his friends are just like him, while I've met people who are just like that, kind of "OMG why you don't like to party, do you expect to have friends if you're like that?" Maybe that explains why he and Ryon are best friends despite their almost opposite personalities and family situations.

Perhaps Sita and to a small extent Mari Fer and Ludy are good examples of Friendsies who are similar to him.

I'd really love to do something similar to what you did to Ryon, Shryp and maybe other characters you might have, with each of my eight Friendsies, because all you have as a concrete written description to define them is a short sentence for each at the right sidebar of my journals and maybe that's not enough despite all the drawings you have of them and that each tries to tell a small story that could help you to know them better. But having an unrelated full-time job including an hour commute each way, an online master's degree, plus the usual family and friends time, really limits my time to work on each drawing, let alone to maintain this page and browse new art beyond what falls on my devwatch. That can also explain why I get a bit frustrated when a new drawing doesn't receive a certain amount of comments on a given time period and especially when others with similar drawings to mine don't reciprocate when I take the time to look and comment theirs.
DMajorBoss Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Professional Writer
From my way of handling things, you take what you can and appreciate what you have. Be it with friends or with creations, we do what we're able so that, in the long run, maybe we can get something out of it all and share with those who like and care.

I thank you for the input on my characters; it was good to hear your thoughts on everything, and I'm always free if you want to share with me!
Jabnormalities Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Haha, well it seems Shryp and Ryon differ when it comes to how they approach girls ;p He sounds very interesting.
DMajorBoss Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Professional Writer
Heheh, indeed, they do. Ryon was often the shy one due to nervousness with girls, while Shryp started out as rebellious against his parents and went for "any girl" instead of specifically staying "with his own." Over time, though, Shryp kept it up after realizing that girls can be "fun."


Thank you very much for giving these a read. I'm glad that you enjoyed them.
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