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Ryon Yerner Bahamouse

Ryon is the main character and protagonist of the "Ryon Rising" series.  He's a 17 year old rat with brown fur, an orange stomach, and brown eyes.  He has short, scruffy hair that's a shade darker than his fur. He wears a black, short open vest and a pair of black shorts; his shoes are black and have brown trim along the bottom.   Though he is a rat, he somewhat resembles a mouse in some of his features.  He is of moderate height and has very little build to him.  Most of his muscle is in his arms due to his archery training.  He has completed regular grade schooling and currently lives on his own.  He is often found hanging out with his best friend, Shryp Rypson, as the two are best friends since childhood.

Ryon grew up as a single child of loving and caring parents.  His parents would often try their best to give for their son, but they also made sure to teach him the values of many things in life so that he wouldn't grow up selfish or spoiled.  Because of this, Ryon has certain ideals on what should and shouldn't be in life.  In spite of this, he learned at a young age that having an open-mind to the ideals of others helps to keep the peace between people.

He is shy and soft spoken around others, especially girls, and often prefers to keep his thoughts to himself to avoid attention or conflict.  He is also introverted, preferring small groups of people he knows (mostly hanging with his best friend) or just being alone in general.  He enjoys thinking and wondering about things, often to the point where he may sometimes over-analyze even the minutest of ideas and situations.  Since he prefers to avoid conflict, however, rarely does he ever share the majority of his ideas and is a very good listener.  The only exception to this is if he's around someone with whom he feels most comfortable.  In this situation, he opens up more and gladly speaks his mind more often.  He is loyal and truthful, trustworthy to the degree where he follows the Golden Rule very often.

He likes video games, reading, archery, thinking, analyzing, and helping others.

He dislikes constant liars, awkward situations, and being the cause of a problem or conflict.

Ryon was born and raised in a small house out in the country.  His parents, Rychard and Mary Bahamouse, preferred the pleasantry of the country life and wanted their only child to know the value of peace and tranquility.  Ryon's father worked in whatever odd jobs he could find while his mother spent her time baking and sharing recipes with others, even to the point of selling her food and services to other families.  They did their best to give Ryon anything he wanted and needed, but also made sure to teach him at an early age that some of the more important things in life aren't bought with money.

At a young age, from reading fantasy adventure stories, Ryon took up an interest in archery and was given lessons when he was old enough to properly handle a bow and arrow.  Ryon used archery as an outlet for his desires of adventure and fantasy, and was even able to win two archery competitions because of his constant practicing.  His shyness and uncertainty mostly came from his school setting, as he realized quickly that friendships and alliances made in books aren't as easily made in a real world setting.

As he grew, he remembered more and more his parent's teachings of world values and began to think and analyze more of what was around him.  He often kept to himself, even during his studies, and enjoyed daydreaming about the "whys" and "hows" of the world.  It wasn't until a few years into his grade schooling that a new student named Shryp came into his life.  Though shy at first, he and Shryp became friends over time and began to associate both in school and out of school.  Ryon noticed that Shryp seemed to have the life of those in his fantasy stories, given Shryp's rich family background, and was often delighted to visit him at his place.

Ryon never had a serious relationship before, often being too shy to speak to girls.  He did have his first kiss once, as a teenager and by a girl that he liked, and this was when he first developed the habit of wrapping his tail around his waist when he got too nervous.  His own fears and shyness kept him from really pursuing a girlfriend, though he did manage to have a small number of female friends.  He instead focused on his studies and, though not the top in his class, never had much of a problem handling school work.

Shortly after finishing grade school, Ryon's parents helped him move into a place of his own.  With his own house and life set and starting, Rychard and Mary took this time to gather all of their savings and travel the world.  Every so often, they send Ryon souvenirs from their trip and a small bit of funds on which Ryon's able to get by.
I've decided to make a more in-depth character sheet for one of my original characters.

In this one, you get to learn more about Ryon.

I do hope that this is informative for you all. Do let me know if there's anything more about the character that you would like to know.

Enjoy, and thank you for reading.
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Yitzin Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Somehow I can identify myself with many of Ryon's personality traits, actually most of what you describe about him being shy, avoiding conflict to the point of not sharing many of my ideas, being over-analytic, and a good listener. The only things I might be missing is that best friend from childhood, unfortunately I've lost contact with many of my grade school peers and while some of us eventually went to the same college, they preferred to make new friends rather than preserve older ones.

Maybe the "not sharing some of my ideas" wouldn't apply considering I've found other methods to share them, instead of direct conversation, criticism and take action. You can find it right on my drawings. If you carefully analyze most of my Friendsies drawings no matter how old they might be, you might notice there's a huge absence of certain clothes that are nonetheless very popular with girls of their age ranges and younger, such as T-shirts and long-sleeve tops, and more recently excessive pink (well, I do let them wear pink but rarely and definitely not head-to-toe). While of course they're great characters if you allow yourself to know them better, they're also an implicit outlet to share my ideas about girl's fashions, a topic that shouldn't be a concern to the average male teen or young adult.

As of which of the Friendsies are similar to him, maybe Shannon and Dora are good examples.
DMajorBoss Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Professional Writer
I love your comparison and analytical approach to all of this. Everything you say here is spot on, and I'm glad that you opened up to me in that as well.
Jabnormalities Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Student Digital Artist
He sounds very interesting :aww: I love shy characters and thought the part about him wrapping his tail around his waist when he's nervous was adorable.

Maybe if you wanted to include something about the way he talks, like a short passage or a quote? Are there certain words or phrases he uses more than others? Any words or phrases he doesn't like at all?
DMajorBoss Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Professional Writer
Hmm...that's a good point there. He has no particular quotes yet, but I could at least write in a phrase to give way to how he talks.

Thank you very much for taking the time in giving this a read. I'm glad that you enjoyed it.
Jabnormalities Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Just a thought ^^; I've just been obsessed with character dialogue lately.

Of course :aww: I haven't gotten a chance to look at Mouse Story yet but I'll be sure to read it.
DMajorBoss Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Professional Writer
Ah, heheh, I look forward to it. Also, you can find out more about them through the "Ryon Rising" stories and through "Sitting on Tales."

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